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7 Must Have Social Distancing Graphics for Business

Social distancing sticker are now virtually mandatory for businesses considering the death, suffering and losses wrought by the coronavirus outbreak. Despite unprecedented lockdowns and quarantines around the world, covid-19 surges as soon as there is any relaxation. The only way to deal with this problem is to rigorously follow all WHO guidelines. Due regard must be given to social distancing in particular. This is perhaps the most crucial safety countermeasure that could halt the spread of this lethal virus.

Hence all businesses have a duty and moral responsibility to raise awareness and enforce social distancing guidelines. The world will only be able to beat this virus if and only if there is a concerted, unified and disciplined response to the problem from everyone. Businesses can play an important role in mitigating the risk of infection by setting up social distancing graphics to warn customers, associates and the general public to stay safe.

Here are the x social distancing graphics that you should keep on your business premises starting from today. The leading graphic design agency can tell you exactly which messages to display for maximum impact.

1.   Thank You for Social Distancing

This is a very encouraging message that expresses gratefulness and gratitude to all those wonderful people who care for the safety of others in addition to their own. With the entire ruckus with anti-maskers, the good people have been left out of the picture. It is time to acknowledge the care, sacrifice and sensitivity that these nice people have shown through social distancing. They are the glimmer of hope in these dark times. Social distancing people are turning the tide against the ruthless disease and their efforts should be lauded sincerely.

2.   Please Keep 6 Feet Apart

This message is very basic yet powerful. Customers might forget social distancing while thinking about their shopping options. It is all too easy to get distracted and violate social distancing inadvertently. This message is a polite reminder to all for keeping a minimum safe distance from one another.

3.   Please Stand Here

There may be long queues at the cash counter. This could prove to be a social distancing nightmare. Customers wish to get to the counter fast and this may induce them to move closer to one another while waiting for their turn. To avoid this, you can place social distancing stickers on the ground for effective crowd control and safe distancing.

These stickers are self-explanatory. Anyone seeing them will understand what they are for. Your customers will stand on these stickers and thus remain at a safe distance from one another. You will probably not need to make it verbally clear where customers are allowed to stand since these graphics convey the message succinctly.

4.   Caution! Social Distancing in Effect

You can place this sticker right at the entrance so that all customers see this sign even before they enter your premises.

Besides warning everyone, this message will do your business a whole lot of good. Responsible citizens will safe in your premises. They will realize that you care for them and everyone else. The sign is a powerful statement of your sincere endeavor against the ruthless malady.

The sticker can help you to send positive vibes to your customers. It disseminates your core values and brand DNA eloquently thus manifesting your care for customer safety.

The current pandemic is your opportunity to play a strong role in public safety. You can leverage this opportunity through signs like these. Such messages speak volumes about your concern for public safety. They could even provide better marketing value than other conventional mediums be accentuating your regard for everyone’s wellbeing.

5.   Home Delivery Service Available, Please Stay Home

Its not enough to tell people to stay at home. To allow people to remain indoors, you have to provide certain vital services like delivering food to customer homes.

The sign shows your commitment towards the public good. To mitigate the risk of infection you can deliver orders directly to customer homes even if this service was not previously available. Now would be a good time to start. Your customers will also be pleased with this message because they can now order from the comfort and safety of their homes. They wont have to run the risk of getting infected by coming into contact with others.

6.   No Entry Without Masks

Social distancing will not work on its own. It will need other interventions to succeed like mask wearing and hand washing.

This is a rather strong message but one that is absolutely essential because there will certainly be a few people who will be lax towards safety guidelines. The message is a sharp warning to these people that they won’t be allowed to enter without masks. Tough measures need to be taken against all those who flout covid safety guidelines. Only then can you as well as other law abiding citizens remain safe. 

7.   Stay Home, Save Lives

Some may argue that everyone has heard this message a gazillion times already. But that fails to address a key issue. People are now coming out in numbers in response to lockdown relaxations. Unfortunately, this could lead to a resurgence in the high number of cases. In fact, several US states and other countries around the world are already seeing a rebound of the disease as a direct consequence of lockdown relaxation. Thus people need to be reminded that we are not out of danger yet and that going outside unnecessarily will jeopardize lives.

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