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    So, you want our award winning services?!

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      Brand Design Statistics You Need to Follow in 2020

      As a business trying to make it big in 2020, it’s essential that you put in extra effort to make your brand stand out. After all, with so many businesses out there fighting over the same market share, it can get difficult to increase sales and revenues if you’re not offering something that’s truly unique. Fortunately for you, as a leading digital branding agency, we can help you understand just how you can go about making your brand unique and marketing it in a way that gets the message across efficiently and effectively. 

      Want to know how you can win over your target audience this year? Here are some brand design statistics you need to follow in 2020 and beyond:

      Colour Improves Brand Recognition By Up to 80%

      You probably already knew about the importance of adding unique and eye-catching colours to your brand’s logo and marketing material but we bet you didn’t think that it was this important. Here’s a little something to put things in perspective: Your marketing and branding efforts won’t amount to much if your target audience can’t recall the name or logo of your brand or business at the time of purchase. 

      Think of it this way. One of the major reasons why McDonald’s is so popular across the globe is their distinct golden arches that are visible from afar. One glance at the logo and you’re immediately reminded of the good old days when you’d convince your mother to stop by for a happy meal on the way back from school or of the smell of their delectable French fries. 

      What truly makes McDonald’s logo so memorable is its simplicity and the colour that can easily be seen from at least a kilometre away even when the weather’s not all that great. McDonald’s franchises are also known to follow a consistent colour scheme no matter where in the world they may be located in order to help customers associate their brand with great experiences and increase the likelihood of them giving in to temptation and walking into a store to grab a quick meal. 

      The major takeaway (pun not intended) from this example is that you need to follow a specific colour theme and colour scheme for your logo and all of your marketing material including brochures, pamphlets, and even the layout of your website to help build associations. 

      A Website’s Design is the Most Important Deciding Factor of a Business’s Credibility for 48% of People

      In the digital era of today, your website’s design and layout speaks volumes about the overall impression that people will have of your brand. With as many as 48% of people forming an opinion of your brand or business based on the design of your website, we don’t need to emphasize why you should focus on making your website look and function perfectly. 

      Feel like that’s a little too much? Think about it: the first thing that people do when they hear of a new business or brand today is Google it. Now, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably come across dozens – if not hundreds – of websites since you started using the internet. 

      Fortunately, the internet has come a long, long way since the time when the internet was populated with websites with white backgrounds and an unsightly grey button or two at the end of the page. All of these websites were characterised by non-functional buttons and looked like they were created by the same few people. If you were to see a website like that in this day and age, you would probably click on the X at the top-right corner as fast as you could and warn your friends about it too. 

      That’s pretty much how websites with poor or outdated designs are treated today. 

      Chances are that if you come across a website that has poor navigation, unattractive colour schemes, and buttons that don’t really serve any purpose, you’ll have a very negative opinion of the brand in general and even warn your friends and family to steer clear. Even if the brand offers the highest quality of products or services, you’ll probably end up going for a business or brand that spent more time on their online presence. 

      As Many as 65% of B2B Marketers Use Infographics

      Infographics are extremely important for marketing your products and services in today’s competitive environment. In addition to showing your customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile to educate them, infographics add a very welcoming feel to your website or any other platform where they may be used.

      Leveraging infographics and other visual content is also a great way to deliver important information to your target audience in bite-sized chunks. By creating infographics that are well-designed and created using the right colours, you can also increase the chances of retention of the information featured in the image which can translate to an increase in sales and revenue for you and your brand. 

      Research conducted by Venngage also shows that images that are original perform best among audiences which is why you should make adding more unique and appealing visuals part of your branding strategy. 


      Want to take your brand to new heights this year? Keep the statistics above in mind to impress your target audience and win a larger share of the market. 

      Not sure how to go about branding the right way? Hire the services of our brand design agency and take your business to the next level today!