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      Brand name mistakes | Worst marketing mistakes

      6 Worst Marketing Mistakes that can Kill your Brand

      A business’s marketing strategy plays a huge role in its success. It helps the business to build a strong brand image and become a market leader. Companies spend a good part of their budget on building a successful branding strategy and implementing it. However, big budgets do little when you are making big advertising mistakes. These mistakes can lead to unsuccessful branding of even the most famous brands. Even if you are incorporating company values and using the right colours, one bad advertising mistake can harm your brand in many ways. 

      Here are the worst advertising mistakes that lead to failed marketing campaigns and kill your brand:

      1. Lack of Focus in Branding

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      Many companies start planning a marketing campaign without knowing their brand values, target market and customers. If a business doesn’t know what it’s offering and what its customers want, then their image in the eyes of the customers will be meaningless and will lose all value. Businesses that fail to focus their advertisement on a particular audience lose the focus of their branding. Unless your brand is a huge business, it is not possible for you to target everyone when it comes to your product. 

      Moreover, sometimes, brands are so hasty in putting marketing campaigns into action that they use any type of strategy and advertise without specific targets. An important role of an advertisement is to point out a specific target group that you intend to serve. Consider the demographic factors and target the prospects that your product is most suitable for. The last thing you want to do is waste your budget and target the wrong group.

      2. Inconsistent Branding

      Poor or inconsistent branding is one of the biggest advertising mistakes. Along with deciding a creative name and tagline for the brand and considering the psychology of colours in logo design, it is also important to keep the tagline consistent throughout. Good and consistent branding makes the customer remember your unique brand identity along with your advertisement. 

      Your business should use the same name, logo and tagline in all kinds of internal and external communication. Similarly, your brand’s message must be consistent and similar on your website, cards social media pages, etc. And your target customers must come across your name, logo, colour and tagline repeatedly through different channels if you want to build a unique brand identity.

      3. Reinvention and Innovation Blunder

      Marketers have a constant pressure of coming up with new advertising ideas and innovation. They try to reinvent things and advertise the brand in new ways. This often leads to varying brand positioning. During this process, they not only fail to reinvent the brand image but also harm the previous brand positioning. While their intent makes sense and no brand wants to use old conventional ways, it is important not to ignore previous brand awareness.

       In order to overcome this advertising mistake, the company should conduct marketing and brand research prior to devising a new, innovative strategy for advertising. You should patiently stick to one, distinct message of your brand but change the way through which you deliver the message. This is important because it takes many long years to create brand awareness and make people relate to a brand message. Most famous brands play around the same messages and taglines in their advertisements to promote their brand to build consistent brand image and awareness. Get in touch with an experienced brand design agency in London that can provide you services to build a strong brand message for your advertisements.

      4. Irrelevant Tagline

      The tagline of your brand must reflect the true value of your brand name. If the customers cannot relate to your tagline or it is unbelievable and does not match the value you offer with your product, your advertising will not attract customers. For example, Nike came up with the tagline “Just Do IT.” They have been consistent with this tagline since the beginning and it actually reflects the value their products offer. 

      Your tagline should also encourage your customers to do something. For instance, Nike’s Just Do It encourages you to get up and give up laziness. Your tagline must be able to grab the attention of your target customers and encourage them to make a purchase decision.

      5. Ineffective Visuals and Animations

      An important component of a good print, digital or TV advertisement is including visuals or using animations in your brand strategy. Most of us are familiar with the impact of good visuals and animations in advertisements that gives us the right stimulus to make the purchase. A consistent visual picture or animation with the name and logo of your brand can help keep your brand in the customer’s mind. For example, a checkmark will always remind you of the Nike brand.

      6. Self-Focused Advertisements

      Advertisements are supposed to target prospective customers and address their needs. However, some businesses make the mistake of being self-focused in their advertisements. They only talk about their brand and explain how wonderful their product is. Instead of this, it is important to show through your advertisements how a particular product will create value for your customers and the discounts they can get by purchasing that particular product. When it comes to advertisements, the customers hardly care about your selling messages—they only want to know what is in it for them and what value will they get in exchange for the amount spent.

      Due to a bombardment of advertisements on all mediums, most brands make a lot of mistakes without even realizing. It is important to consider all aspects and check all the goals of a successful marketing campaign while designing and creating advertisements. Opting for services of professionals is also a great way to avoid making advertising mistakes that can kill your brand. 

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