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EC are a brand design agency in London, we use unique methodologies we create intricate strategies built on a deep understanding of the emotional needs of your audience. We replace all your commercial frustrations with clarity, certainty and clear direction. Strategies cover every aspect from brand purpose, positioning and personality to content, campaigns and collaborations. Everything is considered – down to NPD and company culture. We specialise in creating whole, ethical and efficient brands that come alive and magnetise people to you. You can find out more about our digital agency services in London, by clicking here.


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When your brand is truly and richly customer-obsessed, has positive purpose and a spirited personality your marketing flows. There’s a solidity to the brand that breeds confidence both inside and outside the company, and your brand awareness, engagement and loyalty are heightened to a new level. Humanity and business aren't separate - all businesses are in the people business, and it's people that we know how to connect with. That’s why, EC are a leading branding agency in London.

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Our experienced designers and marketing specialists understand how to help you get into the minds of your B2B and B2C customers, creating opportunities to connect, drive conversions and build relationships.

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