How to bring together audiences from all over the globe in one place where they can share and interact – in real-time?

Energizer Holdings, Inc., is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable lighting products and is anchored by its globally recognised brands Energizer®, EVEREADY®, Rayovac®, and VARTA®.

Energizer is also a leading designer and marketer of automotive fragrance and appearance products from recognised brands such as A/C Pro®, Armor All®, Bahama & Co.®, California Scents®, Driven®, Eagle One®, LEXOL®, Nu Finish®, Refresh Your Car!®, and STP®.

Our brief was to create an immersive experience that would engage Energizer’s audience with live streaming, live chat, interactive polls and virtual networking.

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We developed an engaging ‘digital exhibition space’

Our innovative solution was to ‘build’ an event – in a virtual environment – that brought together all of Energizer’s brands in an exciting, collaborative space. Live presentations, Q&A sessions, product feedback and global networking were all possible with ec’s platform.

The event was a huge success and allowed users to communicate and collaborate and share their views and questions on one virtual platform.
This also provided insightful data on what customers were watching – and for how long.

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