How do you deliver an online portal that allows easy access to industry-specific areas and specialisms?

InterSystems are the engine behind the world’s most important applications.

They support our healthcare systems, businesses, and governments. Health. Prosperity. Society. These are things that matter. What their clients strive to enable every day. And what InterSystems software helps make possible.

Our brief was to develop a new, multi-point access website.

InterSystems Logo


We designed, developed and built a new InterSystems site that brings together separate market sectors within the Healthcare, Business and Finance space.

Content-heavy websites are the downfall of many agencies. They’re happy to do the design, but that’s as far as it goes. They simply don’t have the skills to develop, build, test and re-test the site before it goes live. But ec always rise to the challenge – from initial discussions through to final delivery.

InterSystems trust us to deliver the highest quality. And the digital team at ec make sure we deliver on our promises – not just when a site launches, but throughout its lifecycle. All delivered with our fanatical attention to detail and care – ensuring that they get a website that stands a second, third or fortieth look.

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