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    So, you want our award winning services?!

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      How to Create a Successful Brand Identity Using Animation

      The digital revolution means that features that were once considered unfathomable are accessible to all today. These include animation and creativity that help us add a little zing to our overall business design that attracts more leads and customers.

      One tool that is accessible to businesses today is animation. The tool is helping companies in promoting their brands and ensuring effective communication with their customers. In addition to using animation for entertainment purposes, businesses are also using it to market their products and communicate with their audience.

      In this blog, we will look at a few ways you can use animation tools to build the brand image of your business, attract leads, and expand your audience.

      Creating a Successful Brand

      All brands that engage with their customers on a personal level occupy a special place in their fans’ hearts. Creating an engaging video does not revolve around the mere creation of entertaining videos and cartoons. Many businesses use creative, yet informative skits and videos to engage with their audience.

      Businesses can use animation to create awareness campaigns that are both subtle and attention-grabbing. Using conventional filmmaking can be both expensive and difficult to manage, which is why businesses are looking for animations and creative videos to market their brands.

      Consider the Demographics

      Hire any brand design agency, and the first question they will ask you is about the demographics you want to market your products/services to. Before you consult with the video editing software expert or animation creator, you need to decide the demographics you wish to target with your video.

      You need to decide the gender, age-group, and potential income of your viewers. Having a target audience in mind simplifies the process of brand designing as it gives you a clear objective when animating a video.

      Consider creating a flashy animation if you are looking to engage with a young, college-going audience. Similarly, you need to use calming colours for older audiences to attract their attention.

      Having an idea of the demographics can help you come up with a design objective for your product. This gives you a precise vision of the animation and the style you require.

      Explainer Videos

      One animation concept that is extremely popular amongst brands is explainer videos. These videos explain the use of a specified product in a manner that is both humorous and witty.

      The design of the video usually revolves around a premise or base that creates the need for using the product. The videos explain the benefits of using the product and what the customers are missing out on if they don’t purchase it.

      One reason why explainer videos are in high demand is that the short video allows brands to market their products to all segments of the audience. Most animation studios in London use their customers’ persona and the demographic to create a character that explains the need for the product.

      Using an animated character for explainer videos gives your company a human touch that will remain attached to your brand for years to come.

      Social Marketing Strategy

      If you want the animation to ring a bell with the audiences, you need to use an effective marketing strategy. Creating an animation that strikes the right chord with the customers only on the webpage will render it useless.

      In this digital age, social media marketing is crucial. Video content is thriving on social media, since more than 52% of marketing professionals use the platform to promote their videos.

      With the policy of increased visibility on the newsfeed, you can expect your promotional video to reach out to a larger audience. Twitter also joined the bandwagon by announcing support for video marketing, with the launch of a native video source used for making short videos.

      With the wide options of video marketing available, companies often end up creating videos that go south. Therefore, to reduce the likelihood of failure, you need to create videos using animation in your branding strategy in the following manner.

      · Keep It Short

      The first step and the most essential part of video marketing campaigns are that they need to be short and influential. The shorter the time-span of the videos, the more attention they can gather from the audiences. The younger generations prefer watching videos that are short and give information in a short time.

      A fast and engaging 30 seconds video will hit the point with the audiences rather than a detailed video of three minutes explaining each detail. According to research, 85% of users complete videos that are 30 seconds, while not even 50% of them complete videos that are longer than 2 minutes.

      · Stay Consistent

      Don’t forget to be consistent and helpful when making a video. Remember, animation is also a tool of communication with the customers, look to clear their doubts regarding the brand, and give them useful advice.

      You also need to be coherent with the brand image. You cannot reveal the brand as a serious one and be completely opposite on the other social media posts. If you want to use animation for creating an integrated social media campaign, you need to be truthful when presenting the brand.


      Making a live-action film to create an image for the brand has its own benefits that you cannot overlook. However, given the significance of the social marketing campaign, you cannot dismiss the use of animation either.

      You can combine animation with live-action to provide the audience with a different experience that is both engaging and entertaining. You can also use animation to explore the different levels of creativity to present and market the brand in a positive light.