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    Virtual Events Agency

    Host your most interactive virtual event yet

    Our Virtual Event platform has multiple interactive areas that have been uniquely developed to connect and engage with your audience.

    Your attendees can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections you’ve created for them. The result? High attendance, low drop-off and happy visitors!

    Virtual Event Platform

    Every solution is developed uniquely for you – and we have the expertise to help you with all your on and offline event marketing too.

    Whether your prospects are the other side of the city, or the other side of the globe, we’ll connect you with all of them and make them feel like they’re there with you.

    Virtual events not only help planners expand their audience and promote inclusivity, but they can be an effective way to increase revenue and track key data about your audience.

    ec are passionate about event technology and helping our clients to find the best solutions to make the most out of their virtual events. Our virtual offering is centred around increasing attendance, engagement and connection through creative content, clear messaging and interaction, while always ensuring a seamless digital experience.

    We know that putting on a virtual event can seem daunting, but we believe that virtual events can be as valuable as face to face events. Whether fully virtual or hybrid with a mix of live and virtual elements, our expert team ensure the same high level of standards are provided. We will work with you to ensure your event delivers on all your event objectives to ensure event success throughout.

    Combining creativity and innovation with a strong logistical foundation is our key to success when delivering a virtual event. We bring together the very best tech solutions to deliver events seamlessly end to end, providing both an impactful and meaningful delegate experience.

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      The Benefits of Virtual Events

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      Environmentally friendly

      ec Virtual Events help reduce your carbon footprint simply by removing travel from the equation.

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      True engagement

      Your audience can video chat in groups, or one-on-one. It’s up to them.

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      Global audience

      Reach them wherever in the world they are, with our unique solutions.

      The Virtual Event Platform

      Networking Events

      Connect people with ease through one-to-one online video meetings.

      Sales Conferences

      Our platform is made for hosting your conferences – not only can we create a stage but also online meeting rooms – so you can run presentations and do business at the same time.

      Hybrid Event

      Host a physical event, and stream it into ec’s platform with all our interactive segments for your online audience – so they can be there without being there.

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      Make your broadcast an event

      Turn your broadcast into a real event with ticket entry, engaging content and interactive features that your audience won’t want to miss

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      Summits and Forums

      Setting up a summit online is now more than a possibility – we can create a customised schedule from scratch in no time.

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      Run a workshop and then breakout into groups. Come back together for another session, followed by one-on-one meetings to ensure deeper understanding.

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      Online Training

      Manage your training programme through the ec platform, with plenty of cool features to make it an immersive experience.

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      Fairs & Trade Shows

      We can build you a Virtual Event that has a floor of interactive vendor booths with customisable elements.

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      Webinars tend to be a bit one-sided. ec’s Virtual Event platform helps with engagement and will turn a passive audience into an interactive one.

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      Recruitment & Assessment

      Manage your recruitment through the ec platform, with all sorts of features to help simplify interviews and assessments.

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      Product Launches

      Launches can be local – or global – in a matter of seconds, and you can get instant feedback from your worldwide audiences.

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      Virtual Factory Tours

      Take prospects on an in-depth tour of your facility - without them having to be there. Perfect in these difficult times.

      Virtual Event Case Studies


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