Exhibition Stand Ideas

How do I drive more traffic to my exhibition stand?

Trade exhibitions and expos can’t function without exhibits and kiosks. The ability to meet face-to-face at events gives you an advantage over your rivals in the digital era. A well-designed and visually appealing booth is a definite method to get people talking. Aside from that, a pop-up exhibition stand serves as an extension of your company’s identity. As a result, potential customers should find it attractive. This may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! It is Octink’s expertise in award-winning displays that sets us apart. Let us show you some of our display design concepts.

Perhaps you’ve paid a lot of money to exhibit at an event, only to find that there was nothing to show for it. Your point of view is ignored as if it were nonexistent. Exactly why may this be? What’s more, how do we remedy this? The following are some great exhibition stand concepts you may put into action right away!

Create a visual representation of your items and services on your display

Think outside the box while displaying your goods or services. There’s no way to get people excited about your products if you put them on display in a storefront. As an illustration, if your items are all-natural, why not exhibit them in a grass-covered live display? Do you provide alcoholic beverages for sale? Let’s put together a model brewery that shows the process of brewing. Exhibit stand design that goes above the norm may help you stand out from the competition and attract the attention of event attendees.

Setting the mood

Obviously, you want your stand to be in a location where people can meet and converse. There are several easy ways to create an attractive atmosphere, such as using string lights or changing the language on display graphics Having a lounge space and meeting places may be a terrific method to retain customers at your booth, study your goods for longer, and increase brand memory. In addition, customers who are seated and comfortable are more receptive to what you have to say about your products or services. This is one of the most important exhibition booth ideas for increasing sales! You can take a look at this years exhibition events here.

Lighting effects

Fluorescent strip lighting hung from the ceilings of trade displays and exhibitions seldom inspires. You may easily distinguish yourself from your competition by using lights that match your brand’s colours. Exhibitions are incomplete without LED projectors, which may be used to create moving murals and light shows that draw attention. With that said, a memorable experience is what you want your expo display stand to be at the end of the day.

Develop as a thought leader

Consider educating your target audience while trying to market your goods and brand. As a thought leader, you inspire people to follow in your footsteps by providing an educational experience. You and your business will appear more credible in the eyes of others when others see it. Examples of this may be found in product presentations and lectures. But why not take it a step further? It is possible to educate customers about your products and services in a less stressful setting by providing them with fully interactive educational booths.

Become tech-savvy

Everyone in attendance will have a smartphone in this day and age. This is a great opportunity, so why not take advantage of it? Workers can send emails more quickly when you have a fast internet connection, which brings more people to your booth. By exchanging access to contact information for your sales and marketing teams, you may even leverage this tactic.

What if an augmented reality game or product display could be implemented? Gaming and virtual reality will also contribute to the laid-back and enjoyable ambience we discussed before. In addition, newcomers will want to join in on the fun if they notice a group of people having a good time near your stand. To highlight your brand’s digital knowledge, use the most up-to-date and current technologies on display, such as smartphones and tablet computers. One of our most popular display booth concepts is this.

Easy and enjoyable!

Keeping things as straightforward as you can might be advantageous if you’re trying to encourage audience and client participation. A powerful call to action may also be quite successful in persuading individuals to take a certain action. A fantastic illustration of this may be offering attendees a free photo booth while encouraging them to hashtag your company name or even watermarking the pictures. In this manner, when your brand is shared on social media, a completely new audience is reached and the consumers engage with your brand in a meaningful way. People may also be more receptive to dialogue since they feel less stressed and think they are in a pleasant setting rather than a sales environment. In this situation, it’s crucial to think creatively while creating your stand. Can you make your stand appear to be something else? Or is it possible to transform a commonplace item or prop into your display space?

Be distinctive and unforgettable

It’s not enough to have a table with a few popups or roller banners. With a custom-made display case, your booth will stand out from the rest of the exhibits. The arrangement of your booth is also important, so give it some thought. Avoid placing a table in the way of your conversation with your consumer. You’ll want to set up your exhibit in a way that draws attendees in rather than repels them. With today’s modular solutions, we may add and remove pieces of your stand from event to location. For Thomas Sanderson, we accomplished just that at Octink.

You might recall that we stated your pop-up booth is an extension of your brand. This is relevant in this case. People will assume that your brand, products, and services are excellent if your stand is well-planned and memorable. Make your rivals envious of your booth, goods, and leads!

Obtain the information as promptly as possible!

Once you’ve piqued the attention of potential customers, you’ll need to get the necessary information and contact data. People are more aware than ever before of the need of protecting their personal information under the GDPR. So why not give them something in exchange for their time and effort? Using flyers and coupons as an example, Going a step further, you might have them sign up to play your gaming system on your booth, enter them into a prize that they must return to your stand later, or even give them free usage of a premium bar or lounge in exchange for their registration. Depending on your business and brand identity, you may accomplish this in a variety of interesting ways.

Freebies, but with a twist!

Branded pens and keychains from events are commonplace, and they’re often handed to you by enthusiastic marketers who hope they’ll become a permanent part of your workplace desk drawers. We can improve. Another of our best expo stand ideas is to provide attendees with branded goods they can truly utilise.

Reusable things have become increasingly popular as people become more conscientious of the influence they have on the environment. For your client’s early morning journey, why not a reusable thermos coffee holder? Canvas bags with your company’s logo are a great option. Branded phone holders in full colour or even more personalised accessories like sunglasses and wallets are sure to stand out. You’ll want to use caution when deciding where to display your brand. Check to see that your logo isn’t going to get covered by hands when it’s being used. Any item you give out at a trade fair has to have your company branding engraved, etched, or printed on it. Don’t forget: what good is it if your organisation can’t be found?

To summarise, the following are some concepts for a successful show stand:

  • Re-imagine the way your items or services are presented.
  • With sitting locations and photo opportunities, create a joyful and laid-back mood.
  • Wherever feasible, take advantage of lighting and lighting shows.
  • Engage visitors at your trade show booth with hands-on activities and educational displays.
  • Look for methods to make your presentation stand out.
  • You will stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind exhibition stand.
  • It’s time to ditch the old-fashioned form submission for something fresh and intriguing.
  • Make branded freebies and offers that people will actually want to take advantage of!

What do you think?

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