What is The First Step to Market Your Personal Brand

how to market your personal brand

Whether you like it or not, your personal brand plays a huge role in your professional life – everything you do and represent has an impact on the kinds of opportunities that come to you and how quickly you can grow your business.

So, if you don’t want to limit the potential of the goals that you can achieve, it’s essential to take control of your own brand and make sure you shape it in a way that’s the most beneficial to moving your brand forward.

But how do you grow your personal brand?

It’s much easier to figure out how you’d grow a business or your career, but when it comes to your own brand, it’s not nearly as clear.

In order to gain a better understanding of how to approach your personal brand marketing, you must first understand the underlying principles behind what a personal brand is.

What Is a Personal Brand?

Well, the more complicated answer is that a personal brand is a combination of all your skills and accomplishments, but even more than that, it’s all about what you can do for other people.

To think about it in simpler terms, imagine some of the most known people in your field of work – whether it’s marketers, designers or even influencers in an industry, they all have traits that make them immediately recognizable and distinctive from others.

It can be a unique skill, an approach to solving problems, or just a reputation of being able to do something that others simply can’t.

In other words, the personal brand is the thing that makes you immediately recognizable.

Part of it is obviously personality, but even more so than that is the unique skill set or knowledge that comes with that personality.

That’s why before you can move any further with your personal branding marketing goals or start looking for a Brand Design Agency, you must figure out what’s the one core thing that makes you stand out professionally.

You need to find your own brand personality that will immediately make people in your industry think of you.

But how do you find this unique personal brand trait?

Well, as you’ve probably gathered by now, it’s not an easy process.

But there are ways that you can approach it in order to narrow down the answer. Here are a few ways that can make the process easier:

Figure out your strengths based on your experience on previous projects and try to see patterns of what are your real strengths. Perhaps you excel at brainstorming design ideas at your Digital Design Agency or are great at writing high-converting headlines for ads? Knowing your own strengths is a big part of your personal brand because, in the end, a personal brand is all about what you can do for others.

  • 1) The second step is clearly defining what your values are – how do you define success, what kind of a work environment you think is the most effective, and how do you approach difficult challenges in your industry. This can serve as a framework that you use to achieve success in your field and develop systems that can later become associated with your brand.
  • 2) Finally, you can’t ignore what you’re passionate about, both personally and professionally. If you want to take a stand against something, your personal brand can serve as a great platform for it, uniting people that have the same passions as you and forming your following in the process.


Your brand isn’t something that you can create out of thin air, but it’s also something that exists whether you put in a conscious effort or not.

So it’s always a good idea to make sure you control what your personal brand is and shape it according to your strengths, passions, and values so that the way others perceive you matches up well with how you want to be seen in your field.

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