Guide to Move Your Physical Event to Virtual


During these times, it has become vitally important to shift your physical event online. Orchestrating a virtual event is a great way of expanding your business and boosting brand recognition. You can gain the competitive edge over others by engaging prospects and stakeholders through virtual event platforms to host live virtual events.

Some of the biggest and most well-recognised brands such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft have shifted their physical events online. It is only a matter of time before others follow suit. You should conduct all your events safely by using time-tested and proven virtual conferences with the aid of webinars and livestreams to create an all encompassing journey.

Here is how you can shift your conventional event online.


Select the Right Virtual Event Platform

Choosing the optimal virtual event platform is critical for successfully hosting all of your physical events in the online realm. The right virtual event platform can give you all the tools that you need to conduct a virtual event. Thus, you can use this platform to register guests, deliver live seminars, facilitate real-time discussions, hold online networking, conduct virtual Q&A sessions, take online polls and much more. In short, with the right virtual event platform at your disposal you can pretty much do everything that is normally part of your physical event.

Certain users lament the fact that online events do not have the personal touch since they involve all interactions at a distance rather than face-to-face engagement. However, with real-time networking rooms and other such amenities, the event will come to life. The experience will be so engrossing and lifelike that you can be forgiven for momentarily thinking that it is a virtual event and not a physical one. Virtual event platforms are creating quite an impact by orchestrating a realistic online environment that is virtually as good as the conventional ambience to be found in conference venues.

Besides empowering your invited speakers to deliver live presentations and speeches, you can also record proceedings so that they are accessible to all those who could not attend on time.



A virtual event platform can give you plenty of livestreaming tools to help you hold live discussions with your audience, allow your speakers to interact with viewers and conduct orderly Q&A sessions. Livestreaming tools will prove to be of paramount importance in helping you to transfer your physical event to the online sphere. You will have moderating tools at your disposal for holding meaningful discussions with speakers and guests alike.

Livestreaming tools can help your guests to get in touch with thought leaders and industry experts. Such interactions will make your virtual event truly memorable and encourage your guests to return to similar online events in the future.


High-Resolution Recordings

In case anyone of your esteemed speakers, though leaders or eminent personalities cannot deliver a live presentation, you can always prevail upon them to make a video recording that can be played during the virtual event. Thus, your audience will have an exclusive view into thoughts, perspectives and insights from leading experts that are not available anywhere else. The prerecording functions inherent to virtual event platforms can make your event an unforgettable one for your guests. These recording tools can help you to shift your conventional event online.

Recording functions can be of great help to you since busy industry experts can record their perspectives at leisure without disrupting their busy daily schedule. These tools provide much-needed flexibility that even the busiest industry experts cannot refuse. With such tools at your fingertips, you can convince industry leaders to freely express their thoughts and opinions for your virtual event. Since these online recordings can save a lot of time and cost for your esteemed speakers, you are more likely to receive a positive response from them and greater cooperation.


Post Event Access

There will always be certain guests who will be too busy or find themselves in an emergency that prevents them from attending. Using recording tools as well as post event access found in virtual event platforms, you can facilitate access for those who missed the live event. Thus no one will be left behind. You too will benefit from this, as you will be able to earn revenue even after the event is complete thanks to post event telecasting.


Highly Scalable

A good virtual event platform is highly scalable. Thus, if your event marketing takes off and your registered guests increase manifold, then accommodating them all will be a cinch with a versatile platform. Scalability may not be so smooth with conventional conference venues.


Guest Journey

The key purpose of any virtual event platform is to help you to orchestrate the best possible guest experience for those who attend your online event.

This can begin from the registration phase. To maximize registrations, you can allow for rapid signup by requiring the bare minimum of registration details. The easier the registration process is, the higher the number of people who will want to sign up. Thus, virtual event platforms can help you to shift your physical event online by easing registration.

Post event access as described above will be of much help in this regard as well.

A robust virtual event platform will also have a self-explanatory interface that guests will be comfortable with from the outset. With an intuitive interface, they will know exactly what to do without requiring any of your assistance.

Virtual events platform should be comprehensively tested and bug-free so that there is no last-minute glitch that can mar the experience of your guests.

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