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    So, you want our award winning services?!

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      How has AI Changed the Outlook of Logo Design?

      Artificial intelligence is no longer confined to sci-fi novels. Even today, is it already having a strong impact on a number of sectors; a trend set to continue.

      Self-driving cars, virtual assistants that can completely replace the functions of an actual person, or even software that makes smart investing decisions based on thousands of different metrics – AI is already able to handle complex functions better than humans.

      How far can the AI revolution reach?

      Many workers across varying industries fear being replaced by artificial intelligence, but there are still doubts about the likelihood of such an outcome. Creative jobs such as design require social intelligence and creativity that AI lacks, at least for the moment.

      But many developers are working on solutions that supposedly will be able to make intelligent and creative design decisions and create designs that are good, if not better, than those created by some of the best human designers of today. There creative design are already numerous AI logo design tools available that promise to create the perfect logo for your business without the need for a human designer.

      Google, as well as other leading technology innovators, are continually pushing the boundaries of AI, so does that mean that AI could complete a creative and complex task such as designing the right logo to fit a company’s culture and brand in the near future?

      Well, there isn’t a simple answer.

      AI still is no match for the human brain when tasked with a complex project that require independent decisions to find a unique creative solution. Yet there are benefits brought by artificial intelligence that even designers might applaud.

      Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

      While you may not notice it in your everyday life, artificial intelligence is already performing some crucial functions in numerous industries. And design is no different. While AI cannot make a design from scratch, it can still be very useful for designers when trying to find the perfect solution and making small adjustments.

      For instance, there are software solutions available that allow designers to input the necessary parameters or the initial design and have the software spit out hundreds of variations, which can be incredibly useful for comparative assessment or ideas on how to improve the design further.

      It allows a mix and match of different ideas to find the best solution much faster, instead of a time consuming manual process involving visualisation of slightly tweaked concepts. While this may seem inconsequential and far from what we might associate with advanced AI capabilities, these applications can make a big difference.

      That is why AI is so popular among many industries – whether big data in business analytics, numerous business automation tools, or pattern recognition solutions in investing, artificial intelligence is serving a vital role. But at the same time, we must understand that AI’s limitations will likely prevent it from replacing logo designers, or any other designers for that matter.

      At least in the foreseeable future.

      Why Humans Are Still Necessary for Logo Design

      While it may be tempting to forego hiring a professional designer and instead to opt for one of those AI logo design tools you can find online, it is unlikely to be a wise decision if you are serious about positioning your business in a professional manner.

      You see, the logo is much more than just a name and imagery – it is a visual representation of what your company stands for, ingrained in your customer’s mind when they think of the services or products that you offer. It is also an extension of your business culture, what you stand for and how you are perceived.

      These concepts cannot be grasped by today’s artificial intelligence technology, and thus it would be impossible for AI to reflect everything required when designing your logo. Sure, you might get an attractive logo bearing the company name, but it will be simply that – an image.

      Look at the logos of some of the biggest companies in the world, or even smaller companies and startups that are doing well – all of them have imagery, colors, and even fonts that perfectly align to the company vision.

      Only a professional and experienced logo designer can be expected to take into consideration the many aspects of the logo design process and deliver a unique and relevant logo that will speak to your audiences and position your company as trustworthy and professional.

      That is why, at least for today, your best bet is to look for an experienced logo design agency instead of turning to technology. While there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent every day, it is still far from being able to replace humans when it comes to designing the perfect logo for your business.

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