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      Animation in marketing | Marketing animation

      6 Ways To Use Animation for Marketing Campaigns

      Marketing is evolving and with new trends are emerging rapidly. Marketers are finding it hard to catch up with new strategies and look for creative ways to deliver effective marketing messages. To create brand awareness online, marketers integrate strategies that evoke customer interest and engagement. The use of animation in marketing campaigns is one such technique. It helps in delivering the company’s story and sending out engaging marketing messages.


      Most of us relate animations and cartoons to our childhood and a feeling of carefree leisure. Animation and motion graphics bring imagination and creativity into your marketing campaigns. After all, animations are characterized by motion and vibrant colours that hook people. Bypassing this hurdle of grabbing attention, marketers are able to deliver the brand message in fewer words.

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      Here are some interesting ways to use animation in your marketing campaign. These ways of using animation will make you want to hire a brand design agency for marketing:

      1. Creating Animations for a Buyer Persona

      Businesses are aware of the need for creating a buyer persona for your target customers. One interesting way to use a buyer persona in inbound marketing is to create animated characters based on your buyer persona. Once you have relevant information about your target customer in the form of a buyer persona, you can use this information to create an animated character that reflects your targeted customers. The information and data collected to create a buyer persona can be used again to create an animation. The demographics, background, behaviour, interests, and preferences can help you create an animated character that resembles closely to your target audience.

      A custom animated character will add a personalized touch to your marketing campaign and your target audience will be able to relate to his/her message and emotions.

      2. Adding a Brand Story on Your Homepage

      Most website visitors leave the website without scrolling through the website. This is because the website homepage offers them nothing to grab their attention. Humans are programmed in a way that our memory holds on to stories better than anything else. People are more likely to remember stories than simple dates or names. This is precisely the reason that we are able to recall the complete story of a movie or a book in the right order.

      This ability to recall stories can be used by marketers to create animated brand stories for the homepage as it is one of the best branding strategies. It can help your target audience to better understand your marketing message. An animated character with a planned script can help marketers in brand positioning and create a personalized touch for the target customers. With the help of animation studios in London, you can create an animated brand story to make your homepage more interesting.

      3. Creating Funny GIFs

      Another interesting way to use animation for a marketing campaign is to use funny GIFs. The animated GIFs don’t have to be from a movie or a TV series. You can create your own custom GIFs for your marketing campaign. GIFs can be used on websites, social media, emails, and blogs and even in digital advertisements. You can creatively use them for representing an emotion, depict brand personality and value, make an offer or as a call to action, etc. However, you should be mindful of using them appropriately without affecting your professional brand image.

      Creating custom GIFs is usually easy. You can record a video and turn it into an animation to grab the attention of your online audience. You can use Adobe Photoshop to create custom GIFS and there are many other software to make and assemble GIFs with ease.

      4. Animating the Company Logo

      Animating the company logo is a creative way to make your brand stand out online. It is not a new concept and was first used by Google in the year 2015. Since then, many big brands have used this marketing technique to create distinction for their brand image. You can animate your logo using a number of techniques such as making it a spin, fold, bounce, glide, etc.

      Animated logos are a great way to demonstrate to your customers what makes you stand out in the competition. Like the fast-moving arrows in FedEx’s logo represent the emphasis on speed and movement of the business. Similarly, by animating a static brand logo, you can make your brand quickly recognizable and can create a brand identity online.

      5. Animated Presentations in B2B Marketing

      The use of animation in marketing campaigns is not limited to digital marketing. It can be used in presentations as well for B2B marketing. Speaking about your product or showing boring slides can make your B2B clients lose interest in your pitch. An animated 2D or 3D presentation can deliver the message about your product and business in a more effective and entertaining way. It has the power of creativity to engage your audience which words and static images cannot help you achieve. With the help of 3D animation studios, you can explain complex processes and structure of a machine, engine, human body, etc. 2D and 3D animated videos can help you demonstrate a virtual model of your end product.

      6. Creating Infographics for Social Media

      Infographics are another creative use of animation for your marketing campaign. Research shows that infographics are three times more engaging than other types of content on social media platforms. People tend to like and share infographics more than other content on social networks. Infographics are graphic and visual representations of important data—data which is usually difficult to understand otherwise.

      If your product is complex, you can create infographic tutorials for your target customers. It can also help you explain the range of products that you offer to your audience. 2D animation studios in London can help you put together infographics for your social media marketing.

      Animations are the right combination of visual effects, colour, animated characters, and graphics that evoke interest in online audiences. After grabbing their attention, your animated content should be able to keep your audience engaged and give them a reason to purchase your product or service.

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