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We’ll bring your event to life.
Physically and Digitally.

Virtual Events

Be there if you can.
Be there if you can’t

At ec, we’re seeing a massive upsurge in hybrid events - part real and part virtual. Our innovative solutions let you host a live event for local delegates and prospects that can also be streamed to overseas visitors and teams who can’t make it to the event.

We can include interactive polls, live feedback/Q&A sessions etc. etc. to help you connect with your teams and prospects even though you can’t all be together. There are big environmental benefits too, as no air travel is needed for you all to be in the same place at the same time - anywhere in the world.

ec design, build (physically and digitally) coordinate, deliver analytics and trackable ROI for you, resulting in greater reach - at a reduced cost.

With this the hybrid and virtual event era has not only seen a surge in adoption but a flying success. Based on a global in-depth study, download our report and learn about the attitudes, objectives, and priorities of the marketing industry and how you can leverage these within your own initiatives.

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Adaptable for any size event

From a launch with delegates who are there to a global review with teams who aren’t, a hybrid event gives you the capability to be in many different places at once - whilst holding a live presentation too.

Bespoke Branding

Branded merch for those in attendance, and a branded environment for those who can’t be there, or don’t want to travel - we make sure that the branding is consistent across everything. Can we produce branded items for you? Naturally.

Fully Managed Service

From initial discussions and meetings through to stand build and streaming setup, plus post-event physical and virtual activities, we’re with you every step of the way.


Every solution is developed uniquely for you - and we have the expertise to help you with all your on and offline event marketing too.

Make distance irrelevant

Whether your prospects are the other side of the city, or the other side of the globe, our Hybrid Events will connect you with all of them and make them feel like they’re there with you physically or virtually.

The Benefits of Hybrid Events and hosting your virtual platform

You’ll get more time to focus on connecting with people. There’s less travel stress. More customisation, flexibility and greater reach. Easier speaker scheduling. Plenty of sponsorship opportunities and deeper data analytics and higher ROI.

Environmentally friendly
ec Hybrid Events can help reduce your carbon footprint simply by removing travel from the equation if it's not necessary.

True engagement
Your live audience can chat with each other and via video link with virtual attendees. It’s up to them.

Global audience
Reach them wherever in the world they are, with our unique solutions.


All the event features you need, all in one place

Businesses can achieve the same goals as their live events with ec’s Virtual Event platform, whether it’s a 50-person recruiting event, a 500-person all-hands meeting, or a 50,000-person annual conference. Our Virtual Events are developed knowing every customer – and every event – is unique.


Mix and match platforms that suit your audience. From webinar and CRM platforms, to live-streaming and pre-recorded video sources, choose the platforms you already love to use and we’ll integrate them.