PowerPoint Agency

We are a UK presentation design agency that helps companies build and design strong PowerPoint presentations using storytelling, compelling copy and creative design.

As a PowerPoint agency, every PowerPoint presentation is designed to influence change. At least, they are when we design them. No matter what change you want to see, we can create a visual story that will speak to their emotions, immerse them in the narrative, and bring your persuasive messages to life.

There are many reasons why you should use PowerPoint as your choice for presenting to your prospective or current clients. Below we give you some benefits and features of using PowerPoint to present your presentations.

Interactivity and Engagement
First impressions on the potential clients and associates are always long-lasting and set the dynamics of the business. If you don’t engage the audience with your material within the first few minutes of your presentation, you stand the risk of losing them. PowerPoint presentations provide a structured framework for communicating knowledge about the products, brand identity and services of the company. Incorporating relevant metrics and statistics about the performance of the company goes a long way to impress clients.

Multimedia and Visual Engagement
PowerPoint Presentations are an amalgamation of audio-visual boost with their impactful and alluring graphics, images, transitions, animations, sounds and typography. A presentation template infused with bold vector graphics, captivating SmartArt, mind maps, charts, timelines, infographics etc. makes the presentation stand out. Gripping visuals will elevate your branding style and save the time of the audience in reading the elaborate text of the slides.

Collaborate with colleagues
When forming that business report for your management or crafting a presentation to rope in new sponsors, PowerPoint Presentations always come in handy to work with your peers. With platforms like Google Slides, KeyNote, SlideShare entrepreneurs and businesspersons can work collaboratively in real-time with their associates easily. These online cloud platforms make it easy for your co-workers to access the presentation anytime anywhere.

Customisable and User-Friendly
Flexibility is one of the prime reasons why PowerPoint aces to present business reports and data. Its customisable templates can be moulded according to the intended purpose of the corporation. Digital presentations include more flexibility than a printed medium, like a corporate brochure, because they are expensive to modify. Whereas, a presentation can quickly incorporate new information catering to different audiences with few clicks and alterations. Presentations can be calibrated for sector-specific content for each client.

Organised and Time-Saving
A PowerPoint Presentation aids you in keeping your business on track by giving you more control over the information you’re presenting. An immaculate presentation with cohesive thoughts and well laid out data can prove to be the key to imprint your corporation’s aesthetics on your clients. Having a presentation with you while imparting your knowledge on the investors also acts as your cue points to speak only the important points by reducing the distractions and diversions.

PowerPoint presentations can be time-consuming for the employees to make, using a PowerPoint Agency such as ec can set up templates within the businesses brand guidelines, providing professional designed templates and business slide decks which can be imported and customised dependent on the user.

At ec we are a presentations agency and we have worked within every industry and have worked with a variety of clients. If you would like some case studies of what we have produced please contact us today.