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So much has changed since 23rd March 2020. The instruction to ‘stay at home’ pushed lots of us off course. For some it brought new opportunities, and for many it has changed how we work and connect with each other. So what are the implications for direct mail and your organisation?

Direct Mail and Printing Services

Advertising mail has remained the third largest media channel in the UK, worth an estimated £1.7bn annually. The benefits of mail haven’t gone away.

Nearly every piece of mail (95%) is read, opened or filed, which is probably one of the reasons campaigns that include direct mail are still significantly outperforming those that don’t.

As consumers, what matters to us has changed. McKinsey reports the pandemic has fostered a preference for trusted brands. We want authenticity and connection. That’s good news for mail. It’s in our nature to trust what we can touch and feel. During the pandemic, trust in addressed mail has actually increased. At the same time, trust in digital advertising channels, including search, display and social media has declined.

Consumers are looking at their mail for longer. 29% longer at weekends and 4% longer during the week. The average time we spend reading an email is just 12 seconds.

Compare that to almost a quarter of an hour spent with our weekday delivery of direct mail, and more than half an hour at the weekend. Hybrid working means more of us are at home, more of the time and we’re browsing through our mail at a more leisurely pace. We read, we absorb, we share. What’s also interesting is that two in three consumers are keeping mail from their businesses as a reminder to take action.

Direct Mail printing in London

More of us are experiencing digital overload since the pandemic. Constantly connected, and bombarded with marketing messages and notifications, our brains are tired. Our attention span is suffering. It’s getting harder for digital marketing messages to cut through. Direct mail, especially addressed mail with personalisation, is reportedly more potent than ever.

Physical mail is proven to be a lot more memorable than email, 49% more, infact, and 35% more memorable than social media advertising. Engagement too is significantly higher. 33% higher than email and 35% higher than social media advertising. It’s all down to the physical properties of direct mail and how our brain and senses interact with it.

More than ever, mail is amplifying other channels. A recent report by Royal Mail Marketreach found that consumers who received a piece of direct mail subsequently spend 30% longer dwelling on that brand’s social media. The memory recall of a social media advert gains a 44% boost if the consumer has received direct mail from the brand.

Organisations’ data hasn’t kept pace with changes. Organisations have closed. Hybrid working has seen others down-size and move premises. People have re-evaluated their career choices and changed jobs and employers. They’ve moved house. Some have been made redundant, promoted or taken on new responsibilities. Some have died.

See how we can help you with your direct mail campaigns.

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    Direct Mail Services

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    D2C Direct Mail Campaigns

    Reach your customers at their home addresses across the UK and Internationally - we carefully consider the look, the feel, the smell, the message - and we craft the solution. We work with household brands across the UK helping them deliver an impact directly to the hands of their customers.

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    B2B Direct Mail Campaigns

    Direct Mail is not just for B2C campaigns. We work with multiple businesses helping them to execute compelling B2B campaigns. From prospecting campaigns, through to creative market seeding, and keep in touch retention mailings. Direct mail can bring a high impact and professional edge.

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    Corporate Mail

    We work with a number of clients to support the execution of business and personnel mailings. We can also create and execute meeting packs to support and bring to life online virtual meetings and events. Our integrity, data and postal security processes provide the utmost confidence when handling the most sensitive of documents. Please get in touch to discuss the unique needs of your business.

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    International Direct Mail

    We ensure the safe, timely and cost-effective delivery of direct mail campaigns around the globe. With our extensive logistics network and over a decade of experience in global mailing services, we can help you manage any type of mailing campaign; whether it’s highly sensitive documents to a small targeted list, or a large DTC marketing campaign to thousands of homes around the world.

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    Postage Services

    Whether it’s a one-off letter mailing or a regular monthly letter, brochure or postcard campaign, we can save you money on your postage and offer a range of bulk mail options. We will find the right postal solution for your needs – helping you to maximise your budget and the impact of your campaign.

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    Data Cleansing Services

    Our Data Cleansing Service is designed to bring your data up to date and remove errors; improving accuracy, legal compliance, and your response rates. Millions of pounds each year are wasted on direct mailings being sent to deceased individuals or to people and businesses at the wrong address. This important service can make a significant difference to your campaign’s professionalism, accuracy and return on investment.

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