Sustainable Printing

Here at ec, not only do we want your print to look amazing, but we also want it to be as sustainable as possible.

At ec we are constantly looking at ways we can offer sustainable printing solutions to our clients, whether that’s giving you more recycled options such as recycled brochures, recycled business cards or cardboard pull up banners.

We have a range of fully recyclable or re-usable materials at our disposal that tick the eco-friendly and sustainable boxes for our clients. These materials allow us to print graphics for interior or exterior locations and cover the multitude of uses inducing VM displays; eco banner stands and exhibitions events; wall, floor and window graphics; as well as hoardings.

With sustainability now a huge topic that continues to gain momentum, and an increasing number of consumers opting for brands that have environmental concerns at heart, there is simply no getting away from its importance when it comes to print production.

In today’s competitive markets, sustainability is a desirable factor to look for. Consumers want to buy from businesses that utilise eco-friendly processes throughout their organisation. They’re also looking for companies that implement actions such as high-efficiency recycling, use organic materials and carbon balance their production when it comes to sustainable printing.

Even simply adopting recycled paper for printed products can boost the green credentials of a business. This helps attract new customers who represent the buying requirements of today’s modern markets.

We can offer 100% recyclable print. Along with being sustainably sources and delivered to you in fully recyclable packaging, reducing your businesses environmental impact.

Contact us today if you would like to see how we can help you with your sustainable printing solutions.