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    So, you want our award winning services?!

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      5 Insane Ideas for Killer Brochure Design

      Designing a brochure that grabs attention and gets your audience to respond can be challenging – people are used to receiving brochures by the dozen each week, and most of them end up in the trash before even getting opened.

      So how can you make your brochure design stand out?

      Well, just as in any marketing field, in order to be effective, you need to step away from what’s the norm and dare to experiment.

      So, if you want your brochures to start catching the eye of your target audience, here are a few ideas from professionals of brochure printing in London that you can begin implementing today.

      Try Out a Smaller Size

      Businesses are often afraid that if they make their brochures too small, they won’t be able to compete with larger brochures of the competition.

      But the truth is, large-size brochures require a bigger commitment from the reader – they contain more info and are more complicated to digest.

      If you can provide a small brochure that’s to the point and concise, it can get more of the readers to go through it. And, of course, they’re cheaper to produce, which is a big plus on its own.

      Wow Your Audience with a 3D Brochure

      If you want your brochure to stand out, you have to be willing to use all the measures necessary. And 3D brochures can be a great way to separate yourself from others and make your brochure too intriguing to ignore.

      One way to give your brochures a 3D element is by using depth illusions by experimenting with different colours and tones.

      A more impressive way to make your brochures 3-dimensional is to use pop up elements – although they can be more expensive to produce, you can be sure that these types of brochures will immediately stand out from others.

      Try Out Different Shapes

      When imagining a brochure, most people think of a rectangular or square shape, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

      Today, it’s easier than ever to print out unique brochures in almost any kind of shape, including triangles, circles, hearts, or even a pizza slice, just to name a few.

      A unique shape can make your brochure be the one that gets read, even if your prospect has a dozen in his hand – the human brain is attracted to unusual patterns and shapes, so use that to your advantage.

      Don’t Skimp on Illustrations

      No matter how cool your brochure design might be, it still needs to utilise images for it to be successful. A plain brochure with only text will look dull and will seem like a chore to read through.

      Images help to enhance your message and form stronger associations in the reader’s mind – successful corporate branding in London must use design elements such as images to stand out from a crowd of competitors.

      Obviously, you shouldn’t put images in the brochure just for the sake of it – they need to have a clear purpose and be related to your core message.

      Know the Latest Trends

      The world of design is continuously evolving, so you need to keep track of the changes, or you’ll inevitably lose the battle for the attention of your prospects.

      Attending design exhibitions in London can help you stay in the in the loop with all the latest developments and know what types of brochures will be the next big thing in your industry.