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      5 Creative ways of 3D Animation For Growing Your Business

      Marketing lies at the core of every business plan. It is directly proportional to the growth of the business and revenues generated. The better your marketing plan, the more customers you will be able to attract. So, it is safe to say that you can grow your business by improving your marketing strategy and adopting new and innovative marketing tactics.

      It is important to understand that while the conventional marketing methods, like print media and radio and television ads, are still helpful, the world has moved on to digital marketing. Today, there are multiple ways to market your products and services online and one of them is 3D animation.

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      3D animation has emerged as a digital marketing agent for businesses all around the world. You can integrate this innovative technology into your marketing strategy to attract more customers than ever. The mere number of 2D animation studios in London indicates the rising popularity of 3D animation. Let’s take a look at what 3D animation is and how you can utilise it to grow your business.

      What is 3D Animation?

      This can be a strong marketing tool and motivator. Whether you use it to show off your products or explain a complex idea or process to your clients, 3D animation can help you get your message across to your customers and get the results you want.

      In simple words, 3D animation in marketing refers to advertising visual creation in the form of traditional videos that you can view on the screen. The area of 3D animation also encompasses virtual reality, which means that the same animated content can be viewed in 3D with the help of 3D glasses or a virtual headset.

      Ideas for Animation

      The best part about 3D animation is that it allows you to get as creative as you want. Check out these easy animation ideas to integrate this into your marketing strategy and attract customers like never before!

      1.     Professional 3D Product Animation

      Use to show off your products in 3-dimension. With the ever-growing trend of online shopping, this technology can help you provide a better customer experience for higher customer satisfaction.

      E-commerce websites all around the world are employing 3D animation to market their products. This is because potential customers are more likely to finalise the purchase if they can see the product in 3D rather than a simple, 2D picture.

      2.     3D Animated Infographics

      Good content provides more value in less time. In today’s fast-paced world, no one has the time to read through long texts to get information. Instead, users prefer information that they can get within a few seconds. This is where infographics come in!

      An infographic is a collection of images, graphs, and charts to provide information in an easy-to-understand manner. Now, you can take your infographic to the next level by using 3D animation. 3D animated infographics will not only offer value to your customers but they will also increase user engagement.

      Apart from providing value or information to the customers, they can also be used for in-house projects, especially during crucial business meetings.

      3.     Create How-To Videos to Add Value

      The secret to creating good content that will attract more customers is to make sure it provides some value to the audience. One creative way to do this is to make short and informative, 3D animated how-to videos for your websites. For instance, if you’re into e-commerce, you can create different videos explaining how to use the products, how to buy the products, etc.

      However, make sure you don’t overdo it. While creating and integrating animation videos can be fun, make sure you include 3D videos that provide high value to your customers.

      4.     Tell a Story

      Keeping your current audience engaged is just as important as attracting new customers, and what better way to engage your audience than telling a story using 3D animation?

      Whether you use animation to tell a story about the history of your brand or throw light on customer reviews, this is an innovative way to grab the attention of current and potential customers and keep them coming back to your website.

      5.     Use Virtual Reality Technology

      This is where things get interesting! While most people use 3D animation to make videos and showcase products, you can take the user experience to the next level by combining 3D animation with virtual reality.

      Allow your customers to have an immersive experience by using VR headsets or 3D glasses. In both cases, your viewers will be able to gauge depth and other parameters as if they are included in the scene! This immersive experience will give you a competitive edge over your competitors and a chance to grow your business by attracting more customers.

      How 3D Animation Can Help Grow Your Business

      Now that you know how you utilise 3d animation to grow your business, the only question remaining is why you should do it? Well, for starter, this can be eye-catching. If you have an animated video on your website, your audience is likely to enjoy and feel compelled to watch it till in the end.

      Apart from grabbing their attention, it will also stay in their minds for a long time. It is easy to forget something that you read; however, when your customers experience highly engaging, 3D animations, they are more likely to remember what you had to say. Finally, it is a cost-effective alternative to creating videos with real-life actors and objects.

      These are only some of the main advantages of using 3D animation. Therefore, it won’t be a stretch to say that regardless of the industry of operation, every business should invest time, effort, and money in new and innovative digital marketing methods. This will not only help them provide a better user experience to their customers but they will also see their business grow and flourish in no time!