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    So, you want our award winning services?!

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      Website design

      Website Designs: How to Simplify It to Attract Customers

      One thing that the rapidly-growing world of e-commerce has taught us is how to do more with less. Contrary to popular belief, minimalist website design can have a much more positive effect on your sales than a website that is “visually complex.”

      Website designing gives you a chance to play around with colours, designs, patterns, and lots of tools but the question remains – how to attract customers to your website?

      The truth is that cluttered, distracting, and over-crowded websites have never been successful. A clean, not-so-complicated and simple website design and layout, on the other hand, will always have a better impact on your audience. Why? It’s because when people are looking for products or services to buy, they want useful information delivered to them right away, without any clutters or pop-ups.

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      Of course, it is necessary to create an impact on the audience, which is why using colours and logos is not discouraged. But simplicity is the timeless trend in website designing. This is also an important part of the website launch checklist which should be taken care of. If you want to boost your sales or are creating a website, here’s a list of 5 ways in which you can simplify your design to attract customers and get the results you’re looking for.

      1. Convey Your Brand Vision and Message

      Remember, the purpose of your website is to sell and you cannot sell until your audience doesn’t know what your brand is about. The first priority of your website should be to convey the brand vision and message to the audience. Anyone who visits your page shouldn’t need to look for the information on your brand since everything will be so self-explanatory.

      Your minimalist website design will be highly effective in conveying the brand vision, the business goal, and message. The target audience for your business should instantly feel connected to your website as the visitor will judge your website within the first few seconds on average. You don’t want them to leave your page just because they failed to see through the complicated visuals and designs.

      2. Keep the Content Short

      When we talk about website design and SEO, we focus on the importance of writing to-the-point, straight forward content. This is because the audience rarely reads all the content, line by line. In fact, they just scan through the web pages and keep their focus on the few words and simple images. It is also suggested that website design plays more with symbols and images (which we will discuss in the next point) as they send a message better than words.

      If your product is such for which you have to give important information to your clients such as a traveling tour or medicine, then try to divide the words into paragraphs and pointers. That keeps the audience engaged. Also, make sure the paragraphs have a title sentence or keywords.

      3. Brand Themes and Symbols

      One of the most essential website design ideas that you can use is building brand-themed illustrations and symbols to use across your website. Also, use repetitive elements and symbols across your website. This could be a certain font, a design, a symbol, or any style variation that represents your brand. The symbols and illustrations associated with your brand will then become your brand identity, such as the apple logo for Apple. Recurring designs can be used to show consistency on different pages of your website. So, in the end, all of the pages of your website will look the same, which will be a positive factor for your sales.

      4. Creativity with Minimalist Designs

      Let’s talk about creativity. Never underestimate the impact of creative, original designs. Creativity in website designing is when you are able to use minimalist designs and yet manage to create a mark on your viewer. How will that happen? It could be the distinctiveness of your design, the use of colours, the unique patterns, and any other customized designs.

      You can create your own illustrations for your brand, which are such that they match the tone of your brand. It should also be able to communicate the business personality in a powerful way. Tailored drawings and sketches can play a role here.

      Pro tip: Remember, like every other field, research is the key. Know who your competitors are, assess their websites, and then design your website.

      5. Design Easy Interactions

      If your user finds your website easy to access and navigate, they will spend more time on it and most probably end up buying your products. Always design simple and easy interactions for your customers. The design of your website should be such that it gives visitors all of the information regarding your products and services that they could possibly need and that it is able to speak to your audience. Moreover, they should always have options for easy interactions and prompt troubleshooting.

      A simple and good website designer will always keep contact us page and simplified call to action links to increase engagement.

      The importance of website design cannot be ignored in a world where there is intense competition in e-commerce. Simple and minimalist website design will serve as a competitive advantage for your business. The simplicity will also force customers to think the way you want them to and align with the personality, target, and metrics of the business.

      A good brand design agency will ensure that they understand the customers’ online journey before giving them another website to go through. In this fast-paced world, customers may go through 20 websites before the stop at the one they feel engaging and attractive enough.

      Thus, if you want your business to boom, hire the best web design services in London. We offer innovative design solutions to match your potential customers’ expectations. Our aim is to work with you to understand your brand and come up with a design strategy that will boost your sales and prove to be successful for you in the long-run.