What makes a good exhibition stand?

Attending a trade show is a great way to get your business in front of a large number of potential customers, so take advantage of this chance while it’s available.

If you’ve hired exhibition stand designers to handle the work, it’s critical that you understand the importance of having an eye-catching display at your trade show booth.

See what makes a great trade show display so that your company can really stand out this year!

Slightly Lofty

Make sure your measurements are accurate before building your stall. If you don’t have enough room in the exhibition hall, don’t design an outstanding stand with plenty of height. You can create a stand that catches the eye and impresses visitors if you know how much space and height you have to work with.

A team of exhibition stand designers, of course, will take care of this for you, but if you want a more cost-effective stand that you’re putting together yourself, dimensions are critical. Otherwise, your display will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Create some music

With all of the displays in the hall, you’ll be able to attract attention by appealing to people’s ears. A great strategy to stand out from the crowd is to use both audio and video in your presentation.

You’ll draw a lot of attention to your display if you use cutting-edge technologies.

Brighten it up!

Even if the show is normally conducted in a warehouse or similar structure, you may still have a little extra light on your stand.

Make the most of your eye-catching display by illuminating it with a variety of bright colours.

Consider a range of materials

Don’t be scared to play around with different materials. By making the appropriate decision, you will strengthen your brand and develop a display that will draw in your target audience.

Do you work in the IT sector? Brushed aluminium panels or chrome accents can be a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for something more modern.

Plastic mouldings with a smooth finish are another wonderful option for achieving a new, fresh look. For individuals in the pharmaceutical or medical fields, this is a wonderful alternative.

Emil Ceramica (below) used their resources in highly inventive ways and constructed their own display stand.

Add technology

As technology plays an increasingly important part in our daily lives, why not include it into your trade show booth?

Then, how do you incorporate technology?

Trade exhibitions are incomplete without product demonstrations, which put your product in the hands of potential customers. Showcase a live prototype, such as a robotic bartender, to demonstrate the capabilities of an automation company’s goods.

VR demonstrations are an excellent solution for products that would be difficult or impossible to bring to a trade fair.

Visitors get a whole new experience when you give them control over how they engage with your multimedia material through the use of touch screens and interactive walls. Viewers may interact with your “story” by magnifying or rotating photographs, playing movies, and clicking on text and links, among other options.

In today’s world, people no longer want to sit back and watch; they want to get involved. The use of interactive multimedia displays in trade show booths is expected to become a typical feature sooner rather than later.

You need to make your brand stand out

You must demonstrate to the visitors that you have made it a point to make your exhibition stand attractive. You want people to remember your brand when they visit your booth since it will be visually appealing.

Think about how your brand and message will be conveyed whether you add a themed wall or use bright lighting and funny placards to spruce up your exhibit space.

Make it themed

Finally, a theme is a smart move. If you want your exhibition stand to stand out, use your brand as a theme or do something pertinent to your message. Consistency and attention may be maintained with an idea that keeps people interested.

Determine who you’re designing for and keep them in mind at all times. Identifying your target audience can help you focus your concept on their desires and requirements, which will help you find the most effective means of expressing yourself and promoting your product or service to them. If your target demographic hasn’t been taken into consideration, you might be attracting the wrong people and disregarding the appropriate ones with the most visually appealing exhibition stand.

People will recall a well-branded, well-lit, and well-themed stand that is prominently displayed.

If you’re unclear about how to arrange an exhibition stand that will fit in the hall, it may be time to call in the exhibition stand designers.

With our assistance, you may have the display that everyone is talking about for your company. Get in contact with Focal Exhibitions today for more information on realising your vision for a trade show booth.

Take a look at this collection of unique ideas for exhibition stands for additional inspiration. Here are ec we can build bespoke exhibition stands for all sizes, contact us today for a no obligation quote.