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    So, you want our award winning services?!

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      What Signage Should You Use if You Have a Back-Corner Booth?

      Imagine this scenario:

      You spend months preparing for a trade show or expo, getting your products ready, figuring out the best angles to showcase your value proposition, and rehearsing key phrases to emphasise. Then you see the floor plan, only to find you are assigned a booth in the far back corner.

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      For many small business owners, this would mark the trade show as a failure – after all, how could you possibly compete with all those businesses situated in prime locations?

      Well, not all hope is lost.

      In fact, with some further planning, you might actually end up pleased with where your booth was placed.

      Sure, a far-corner booth away from the main pathways of the trade show will likely receive fewer visitors overall. Yet at the same time, when your booth is in the most crowded central part, you might have a difficult time competing with neighboring booths. The overcrowded space makes it difficult to form meaningful connections as people are too rushed to stop and get to know what you have to offer.

      If you know how to position yourself correctly, having a remotely placed booth might turn out to be a positive for your business.

      What can you do to draw visitors away from the centre and into your corner?

      Well, there are a few strategies that can be extremely effective.

      Make It Pop

      When attending trade shows, people are usually overwhelmed with distractions – there are simply too many booths competing for their attention, which can become very exhausting after just a short period of time.

      If you want to reach your target audience, you cannot wait for them to come to your booth on their own. You need to design your exhibition booth in a way that stands out from the crowd and catches attention as soon as someone sees it. This way, even if you are located in the back corner, once people see your booth, they will take notice.

      But how do you make your booth more visible?

      Well, the main rule is to go big and go bold. Be unafraid to spend a bit extra to design and print out big signs that tell people what your booth is all about.

      Flashy designs, bright colors, and a catchy slogan could be all it takes for your booth to become the highlight of the show.

      Showcase Your Brand

      You are likely attending the trade fair to increase the visibility and recognition of your brand in your community, so use this opportunity to its full potential!

      There are a wide range of branded prints, signage, posters, flyers, and brochures available that you could use to help spread your message and get your business noticed, so that the next time anyone needs what you offer, they immediately think of your brand.

      Since your booth lacks a lot of natural traffic, having branded materials you can distribute can get people to actively seek out your booth instead of stumbling on it by accident.

      Make Your Message Enticing

      Copywriting is absolutely essential if you want to reach your audience. You need to take time to develop your sales messages in all of your material – it has to be to the point, speak in your customer’s voice, and deliver a strong value proposition that prompts them to take action.

      Another essential part of the message is your slogan – if you can come up with a clever slogan and prominently display it on your booth, it will stick in the minds of visitors and will help them remember you once they need your services in the future. An engaging slogan might be enticing enough for attendees to come to your booth. People are naturally curious, so if you can come up with a phrase that makes them want to learn more, you will stand out from your competitors, no matter how well-situated their booth might be.

      Having a well crafted logo paired with an effective slogan will serve results during the exhibition and long after it finishes. If your core message is effective, you can become the go-to business in your local community – people love a catchy name and are much more likely to recommend it to their friends and family.

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