Why having a mobile Event App is important

When it comes to your conference’s marketing, using an event app is an absolute must.

This is because a good business event’s preparation, execution, and impact have been shown to have several advantages. With a mobile app, 91% of event organisers believe they saw a great return on their investment.

What can an event management software do to provide you with a competitive advantage during a live event, given the constant developments in smartphone technology?

  • Planning for both the organiser and the participant, such as registration capabilities, digital agendas, and speaker biographies is essential.
  • Improved networking opportunities for attendees, personal profile pages, and one-on-one messaging for all attendees.
  • Social media integration allows participants to spread the word about an event by promoting it on their own social media accounts.
  • The most significant benefit is that event organisers have access to a vast array of new data-collecting tools.

Give excellent performance in planning

Good event management software may have a significant beneficial influence on event marketing and the planning process for organisers, presenters, and attendees.

Organisers may boost attendance and participation by publicising the whole event schedule and speaker bios from the moment participants first sign up. Select and add sessions you don’t want to miss from this list to create your own unique agenda. You, as the organiser, may then use this information to gain a better understanding of your attendees’ tastes and how popular each session is.

As a result, your speakers might become your most powerful social media advocates, promoting your event and directing their followers to your material.

The app makes it simple to exchange real-time material and to set up notifications for things like session reminders and feedback requests. When it comes to flexible planning, nothing beats a smartphone app’s user-friendliness and wide range of options. Additionally, an event app may reduce the amount of paper used at your event, making it more environmentally friendly.

Encourage conference participants to get involved

An event app’s attendee profile pages are a superior networking tool.

As a result, individuals are able to do their own research, which helps them generate leads that can be used to target specific individuals. A successful event relies on participants making connections with other experts in their industry.

High-quality meetings, greater attendee experiences, increased visibility for speakers and sponsors as well as data that can be used to create future events are all a result of a more engaged audience.

Create your next event from this event

The most important feature of an event app is that it provides a wealth of data collecting options.

In order to derive useful insights and gain a better understanding of the event’s effect, it’s necessary to keep track of the most popular sessions and speakers, as well as speaker profiles and the times when the majority of messages were delivered.

Real-time polling, surveys, and direct inquiries are all possible, allowing attendees to give their thoughts and opinions as the event progresses.

The software practically pays for itself through the abundance of information it may supply because of the influence this data may have on future decisions.

Provide extensive exposure to your sponsors

Attendees may learn more about sponsors and their products and services by using excellent event management software. Sponsors can also use this platform to promote special deals available only to attendees.

An additional benefit of integrating social media into this free advertising approach is that it helps to make your attendees into advocates, making it much easier for them to spread information about your sponsors. Event apps create 42% more social media expressions than events without an app.

Use it to your advantage

Utilising all of an event app’s features is achievable when it is seen as a comprehensive solution.

Attendees of a conference benefit from a quick and intuitive digital experience, in a format that they are already extremely familiar with, to accompany a live encounter. Everything is customised to meet your specific requirements and is solely focused on helping you achieve the goals of your event.

Check out our event app services to learn more about the benefits of event app technology for your next event.