Why print marketing is still thriving

Print Marketing Is Far From Dead:

There are plenty of marketers who claim that print has been long dead. The perpetuator of this myth probably may not be aware of how print marketing works. However, print media has evolved alongside other new technology. As a business owner, you must understand the importance of communicating with your target customers using both print and digital formats.

Go Beyond Paper Products:

If you think that print marketing is all about giving away brochures, business cards and presentation folders, then you are missing the full potential of this effective promotional technique. Print media can also consist of promotional pens, keychains, shirts, coasters, magnets and drinkware.

These items are considered by customers as promotional gifts, allowing them to physically connect with your business. People are more likely to hold on to these items than flyers which tend to get lost or thrown away. By being creative with the items you give to customers, you can build a stronger impression and improve brand awareness.

Variable Printing:

Advancements in printing technology have significantly lowered printing costs. Variable printing is not entirely new but it remains very effective at getting your message across to your audience while keeping your printing expenses down. Basically, this involves personalising print media to let customers feel more connected to your brand.

Different elements of your print materials can be customised, enabling you to make each piece completely unique. For instance, you can send out direct mails to your customers with their names. It is also possible to send out coupons that come with individual serial numbers, allowing you to monitor the customers who used your offerings.

Interactivity Of Print Media:

Scanning Advertising With Qr Code On Mobile Phone. There used to be a time when the only option you had to promote your online presence through print media was to include a link to your website or social profiles. Now, smartphone and tablet technologies can be incorporated into your print materials, making it doubly easier to advertise your web presence.

You can include QR codes in your promotional items. What is great about QR codes is that they can be customised with different colours and patterns. This means you have the chance to integrate them into the overall design of your print marketing campaigns.

NFC technology is set to replace QR codes in the future. A microchip sends a signal to a mobile device without scanning. You can promote your website to your target audience by simply having them tap your print material against their mobile device.

Include A Call To Action:

You do not want your print media to simply contain your company logo. You must have a specific objective you want to accomplish through print. For instance, if you want to get more followers in social media, then include a call to action compelling potential customers to follow you on various social platforms.

Print media can considerably boost your online presence. You can set up campaigns in which customers can have the chance to win a prize by participating in your Facebook contests. It is also recommended to use a social media marketing campaign in conjunction with print marketing for optimal results.

Print Is Here To Stay:

Print will always remain relevant in the world of business. Just remember that while print marketing can help push you closer toward success, it does not promise it. You must come up with an effective print marketing strategy that best reflects your brand and piques the interest of your audience. If you produce the same print materials as the competition, then you are not making your brand stand out.

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